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Link - An extraterrestrial odyssey

While hiking in the Pacific Northwest with his dog Suzy, Dr. Jonathan Reed stumbled on simply one of mankind's greatest finds and/or questions in all of modern time. The real truth concerning First-Contact and the existence of intelligent extraterrestrial-alien life.

Unlike any story ever told, Dr. Reed's fascinating account shows us in vivid detail the traumatic mental images of unforeseen obstacles and mind-bending rewards revealed during this astonishing journey."

Throughout this emotionally devastating and physically paralyzing ordeal, Jonathan takes us with him, "through the looking-glass", to experience the very moment of his startling Alien Encounter and all the terror and disruption to his life that has since ensued. As if in a continuing nightmare, his serene life has forever been fractured into a heterogeneous enigma.

The facts surrounding this incredible and unforgettable encounter, with the proof and hard physical evidence of intelligent Alien-life, are finally here today for all to see, witness and experience.

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  Slide Show

All images in the slide show below were taken by Dr. Reed and appear in the book with many others. If you are not able to view this Flash slide show, please click on this link to go to the Gallery page.

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  About OdiseaLink.com

OdiseaLink.com is the official website for the case of Dr. Jonathan Reed and his amazing Extraterrestrial Odyssey.

This site has been created due to the continuing interest from thousands of compassionate people all around the world who support and champion Dr. Reed and his continuing work to aid others who have also experienced personal ET contact.

"We are not alone..."
Our hope and direction is to create and develop a supportive and productive team environment for THIS and other cases of ET contact, and to continue to openly study this exciting new reality paralleling our own existence within our universe and far beyond.

We invite you to view the evidence and decide for yourself.

evidence of the encounter

The Real Story of Extraterrestrial Contact
Dr. Reed's new video
Including photographs, videos and the statements first heard around the world by over 25 million listeners on Coast to Coast AM with ART Bell.

Also as seen on an incredible television broadcast linked around the world with Jaime Maussan - Live from Mexico.

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Dr. Reed with Jaime Maussan and others

  Events, Presentations and Conferences

New Video: Odisea Vol. 1

On February 16, 2004, Dr. Reed presented to the media the world release of the new video Odisea Vol. 1 with a celebration in Mexico City.

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Dr. Reed and Robert Raith

During the next 12 months Dr. Reed and our Odisea Team plan to attend World Conferences and Science forums and continue to talk of Extraterrestrial Life and how it has effected the thousands of special people who have already been contacted by the Alien Visitors.

We will also be creating and delivering unique lectures to private groups as well, when and where special particular interests are expressed and when the people request, demand and/or sponsor us to give a private presentation.

These presentations present a unique opportunity to hear about Dr. Reed's own personal encounter, as well as to better understand where we all can relate regarding the human element and the Extraterrestrials.

If you are interested in attending one of Our Conferences, or if you and your club, group or organizations are interested in having us attend one of your gatherings located in your town and/or country, please email us and tell us about your thoughts and views.

e-mail us at either address:



 We could be coming to your town SOON!
Please let us know if you are interested in the Odisea Team coming to your Area. We are interested in speaking to those who are sincerely and respectfully interested and willing to help create a positive environment for sharing in this New Reality.
During the next 12 months we are planning to travel to the following countries:
  • MEXICO   
  • USA    
  • JAPAN         
  • SPAIN      
  • EGYPT       
  • GERMANY       
  • ENGLAND        
  • UK          
  • SWEDEN  

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